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The following messages by Reverend Randy Pike are available on CD, and free of charge.

 Note:  We now have DVD's available: "Christ In Psalm 110", "The Doctrine Of The

Lamb", "What Happens When We Die?", "How To Handle A Guilty Conscience",

"Which Jesus Do You Serve?" 

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 Serving The Creator

Laura Helton

Rev. Randy Pike's CD Message List

Acts In The Book Of Acts         1-9 cds

Acts Of The Apostles                                       1-6 cds.

A Good Tradition That Is Dying Out In The Church

 A Look At The Book Of Genesis/ A Saved Soul But a Lost Life

A Man Called Peter            1-2 cds

Appreciation Of The Holy Spirit

Are You Prepared To Meet God?

A Saved Soul But A Lost Life

As The Eagle So God


Baptism And The Lord's Supper

Be A Missionary From Out Of Where You Are

Beginning Of Missions/Mission Conference Baldwin, FL

Beware Lest Thou Forget


Bible Conference March 2003 Session 3

                                              (The Foundation Of The New Testament)


Brotherly Love


Christ Dying For Out Sins

Christian & The Law Of Moses  1-3 cds

Church In The House

 Cost Of Being A Disciple

Covenants In The Bible        1-7 cds

Daniel 1

Declaration Of Independence (Calvary Baptist)

Depression & The Christian           1-3 cds

Don't Let Your Light Go Out

Don't Loose Heart In Prayer

Everyone Will Doubt

Farewell America, Almost

First And Last Words Of Mary

Five Lessons Seen In Believers Baptism

Five Lies About God

Five Sides To The Death Of Christ

Four Kinds Of Lost Sinners

From In To Amen

Fourth Annual Bible Conference 1-5

     Introduction To Bible Prophecy

      Jesus Give Us A Sign

      Signs Of His Return

      Israel And The Palestinian State?

       Are There Any Signs Today?, Iraq?, Islam?

Galatians         1-8

Genesis                        1-4

Getting God's Word Out

Getting The Story Straight From The Start  1-2 cds

Get The Word Out


 God's Call To Service      1-2 cds

God In American History

God's Kingdom

God Making History Happen

Help Lord I Don't Know What To Eat

Highlights In The Life Of Christ     1-19 cds

His Steps

History's First Atheist

How Long Was Christ In The Tomb?

 How People In The Old Testament Were Saved  1-2cds

How Old Testament People Were Saved      1-4cds

How To Deal With A Guilty Conscience/In The Beginning

How To Have A Happy New Year

How To Identify A False Cult

How To Identify A False Sect

How To Locate The Old Testament In The New Testament

How To Save America

I'm Dreaming Of A Right Christmas

Important Words In The Bible  1-5 cds







It's Harvest Time

Jesus Healing The Blind Man

Jesus The Messiah (Jesus Teaches The Jews)

Jesus The Messiah (The Jewish Synagogue)


Job Today      1-10 cds

John's Lamb

Joseph Husband Of Mary

Judas Iscaroit

Keep On Keeping On

Leadership In The Local Church

Theistic Evolution    1-2 cds

Little Foxes That Spoil The Vines

Look At Lot

Mary, Joseph, & Jesus (Happy Valley Baptist) 

Mary, Joseph & Jesus (Elizabeth Terrace Baptist)

Mary The Mother Of Jesus

Message On Habakkuk

Missions Conference -Conclusion (May 6, 2001)

Operation Fellowship  (January 23, 1999)

Operation Fellowship  (December 15, 1999) 

Operation Fellowship (May 27, 2000)

Opposition Of Science

Origin & History Of Missions 

Origin Of New Testament Missions

Other Side Of Stewardship

Out Of Where You Are

Paul's Letter To Rome

Paul's Letter To Timothy

Paul To Philippians

Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey  cd 1-2 

Prayer (Calvary Baptist Church)

Put Out Of The Synagogue  (Temple Baptist) 

Put Out Of The Synagogue (Elizabeth Terrace Baptist)

Questions About The Death Of Christ  (Temple Baptist)

Questions About The Death Of Christ  (Ed Parton's Church)

Randy Pike's Farewell Service (Message on Sheep)


Reality In Christian Living

Remove Not The Landmark

Resurrection Of Christ From Death

Samson's Road To Suicide

Satan, Demons, and the Occult

Saved Four Times In Four Different Ways

Saved People and Demons

Saved Soul - Lost Life (Calvary Baptist)

Seeing The Lord

Sowing Seed, Saving Souls   1-4 cds

Strange Will Of God


The 23 Psalm

The Ancient Understanding Of The Cross

The Beast In us

The Blessing Of Failure

The Blessing Of Unanswered Prayer

The Christian's At Rome

The Christian Mind

The Corruption Of Infant Baptism

The Death Of Christ

The Devil And Trials

The Doctor's Two Letters  Part 1 & 2

The Doctrine Of The Lamb/The History Of Living By Faith

 The Christian Mind     1-4cds  No. 5 unplayable cd 

The Gift Of God's Word

The Greatest Person In History

The History Of The Flag, The National Anthem, and the Statue of Liberty

The History Of Wednesday Night Service

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible/Inspiration & The Bible 

The Holy Spirit & Prayer/Things We Must Not Forget

The Just Shall Live By Faith 

The Last Thing Peter Told The World      Cds 1-7

The Love And Grace Of God

The Mind (Cane Creek Baptist)

The Mind (Elizabeth Terrace Baptist)

The Missionary Source Book

The Most Quoted Verse In The New Testament

The Name Christian  Part 1-2

The Nation That Forgets It's Past Has No Future

The Night Before The Morning Of The Cross

The Old Testament In The New Testament Cds 1-10

The Origin & History Of The Jewish Nation  Cds 1-8

The Other Side Of The Road

The Other Side Of The New Birth Cds 1-4

The Parable Of The Sower  Cds 1-6  (1,2,6, good cds 3,4, 5 bad)

The Perfect Fool

The Precious Blood Of Jesus

The Resurrection Of Lazarus

The Temptations Of Christ

The Ten Virgins

Things We Must Never Forget 

The Three Commissions of Jesus  Cds 1-3

The Two Most Important Things In Life

Three Landmarks In America (Calvary Baptist)

The Woman at The Well 

The Underground Church  Cds 1-4

Understand The Blood

What Happens When We Die?

What Is The Religion Of Islam?     September 15, 2002

What Is Islam?  (Elizabeth Terrace Baptist)

What Is The Religion Of Islam?  (Beth Haven Baptist)

What It Means For God To Supply Your Need

What Paul Asked The Churches To Pray For Him About

What The Cross Did To Jesus

What Will I Leave Behind

When Great Men Doubt

Why Jesus Died On The Cross

Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Witnessing For Jesus  Cds 1-3

Witnessing For Jesus   Cds 1-6 (Fellowship Baptist)

Who Knew About Jesus' Death On The Cross

Which Jesus Do You Serve?




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