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The following materials are available through Silent Word Ministries.  Retrieve site as follows:

1. Go to your internet site and type in

2.  On right hand column that says online catalog in red click on Literature.

3.  At box on right hand column Product Search type in Henry R. Pike.

4.  Click on Search.

Your should retrieve Brother Pikes page and products. 

Bible Study Manuals

By Rev. Henry R. Pike

No. 1 – Body, Soul, Spirit, After Death

No. 2 – Eternal Security – Atonement – Calvinism

No. 3 – Why No One Knew Jesus Would Die On Cross?

No. 4 – A Study On the “Sign” “End of World”

No. 5 – The Origin & History of Tithing

No. 6 – The Other Side of John Calvin

No. 7 – What Is The Religion of Islam?

No.  8 - What Does The Bible Say About Wine & Strong Drink

No.  9 - Christians And The Sabbath Day Law Cults 


By Rev. Henry R. Pike


  1. Our Unceasing Spiritual Warfare
  2. Study of Corruption of Baptism and Lord’s Supper
  3. Abraham – The Friend of God
  4. Twelve Hard Bible Questions Answered
  5. Was There A Church In The Old Testament?
  6. How Long Was Jesus In The Tomb?