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Page #643 "Example of God slowly doing things".

The strange yet glorious actions of God are seen in the following illustration.  When we went to Australia in 1961, God clearly directed us through some little children playing on a beach to go and plant a church, in a small town called Gladstone, in Queensland.  Within one year, over eighty people had been saved, and the whole village knew of what was happening.  As the missionary involved in this I, felt quite satisfied that I was doing a good work!  In 1963, I was invited to Brisbane to attend a prayer meeting in the old Temperance Hotel, no longer standing.  There were some fifty men present, for this three-day prayer effort.  On the second night, as I entered the large room where the men were gathered, an elderly white headed man beckoned me to sit by him.  His name I do not remember, but I cannot forget what said.  With joy in his face, he inquired about the work in Gladstone,  In my evil pride, I told him what I was doing.  Then came the shock.  Learning over  he placed a hand on my mine and said. "Young man, forty years ago the Holy Spirit led me to go to Gladstone, rent a hotel room and spend one week in prayer and fasting, asking God to send spiritual awakening to that godless place."  (I was not even born when this old saint was pleading in prayer.)  His face beamed as he exclaimed, "How wonderful that He answered my prayers, through you!"  Stunned, my pride in what was taking place in Gladstone, mocked me, and the sovereignty of God in prayer stood high and mighty.  Who can explain why the Lord of heaven waited forty years to answer a week of fasting and prayer?  As for God his way is perfect" (Ps. 18:30)